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Our cardiology department is capable of managing all cardiac problems, both acute and chronic. Patients with coronary artery disease, acute MI, valvular heart disease etc. seek attention in the department. We have intensive care facilities for critically ill cardiac patients along with all life supporting measures. We have Echocardiography, Angiography, TMT and other modern diagnostic facilities in our cardiology department.

Heart Care Centre

We have a special scheme for preventive cardiology, where we stress on therapeutic life style and dietary modifications along with optimum medication to prevent cardiac events in individuals with potential risk for heart disease. This has proven very effective not only in preventing cardiac diseases but also in established cases of coronary artery disease with multiple blocks, without the risk of angioplasty and CABG. With this approach, we have found that only around 5% of patients needs to be referred for surgery or angioplasty. We have special packages under the “Heart to Heart” project designed and implemented by our senior cardiologist, Dr. K. Kunhali in association with Rotary Club and more than 200 patients have so far benefitted from it.


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